Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A much much sadder day!!

I always think of a prophet to live forever, especially the one I grew up with. Ryan and I were at Gentri's New Beginnings for YW and Ryans sister got a text from my nephew (his friends dad is in the stake pres. and knew right away when he died) saying prestident Hinckley just died. I got teary eyed and just couldnt believe it. We had to sit through the rest of the meeting being the only ones in the room knowing that the Prophet just died. Right when we got home I turned on the tv to see if it was true and sure enough the Special Report on channel 2 was on. I knew it was coming soon, because he was getting so old, but I just never thought it would actually happen. I am so happy for him that he gets to be reunited with his sweet wife. He missed her so much and you could tell. I'll miss all his funny stories and his hilarious comments and gestures. My favorite was him and his cane, he always did the funniest things with that cane. I'm so thankful for all he did for our Church and its members. He will truly be missed!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sad Day!

So some may think this post is silly....but I'm so sad about Heath Ledger dying. He was one of my favorite actors....and yes, I think he is so cute!! A couple of my favorite movies were- 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knights tale. I can't believe he died, and I really really hope it was an accident and not a suicide drug OD. Heather texted me the day he died and we were both shocked and sad. Ryan can't even believe it either, he really likes him too. At least, well I guess I hope...they finished the new batman movie he was in where he plays the joker. Well anyways...just thought I would share.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

His OWN room!

I finally put Preston in his own room on Jan. 11th. 8 months later...... I was kinda sad, actually I was really sad!! Daddy was happy and was finally glad to sleep! I just miss having Preston in a bed next to me, so that I can see him all night and check on him, I'm super paranoid.
Preston has done so well in his own room in his big crib. The first night he woke up and I went and checked on him and gave him his pacifier, then he woke up again and I told myself I had to let him just cry himself back to sleep and he did. The next couple nights he only woke up once and then this tuesday he woke up a whole bunch of times and ended up back in Mommy's room. But then it was amazing...the last two nights he has gone to bed at 9:00pm and won't wake up until about 9:00am. It was so nice to actually sleep all the way through the night and sleep in!!! and then, he still takes two naps during the day!! He is such a good baby boy!

Yet again...another haircut.

Preston just had his 3rd haircut and he's not even 9 months yet. I had my mom cut it a little shorter this time, so we wouldn't have to turn around and cut again in a month. His hair grows so fast and its just out of control....haha. Preston looks like such a big boy now, I still can't believe how fast he is growing. It is so hard to give an 8 month old who is SO WIGGLY a haircut!!! He now scoots on his bum across the room, so thats what he was doing on the counter during the haircut, he was all over the place. We had to give him something new every 2 mins to keep him distracted- a spray bottle, candy canes, a card, some mail, a comb, and I even distracted him with Daddy's drill. We finally got it done, and he looks so cute!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I finally got Preston's room organized and put together.......8 months later, but it turned out cute. I was letting him play on the floor and he found the doorstop and, yup he already broke something. It was really funny. Watch the video.....

Here is a video and picture of his finished room. All it needs is blinds or curtians...I can't decide.

New Jammies

My mom got these pajamas for Preston for Christmas and I absolutely love them. He just looks so cute. He is in 6-9 month clothes but for some reason all his jammies that are 6-9 month dont fit him. They all have the feet, so he must just be too tall for them, so for Christmas he needed new they are all now sizes 12 month or 18 month. He is just growing so fast!!


I Finally got a new camera. We had a perfectly fine Sony camera, but it just wasn't my favorite, it was really small. My hands shake all the time, so whenever I used that camera, the pictures always came out blurry and I would miss all the cute things Preston did by the time I got a good picture. When I went out to visit Jeremy and Julie they had just bought a new Canon camera, and I loved it. So I have been saving up to buy the same one....sorry I copied you guys, but I love it! The pictures turn out so good and the videos are fun too. I kept looking at different cameras and I couldnt decide, but then I found a great deal online at that I couldnt pass up. I waited to long and didnt order it until right before Christmas, so I didnt have it for then. But I have it now, so I am constantly taking pictures so it should mean more blogs. (for Julie....haha) and with the new computer its so much faster to make a blog post, so I actually enjoy doing it now.

Another thing on his head....

Everytime Marimom changes Preston, she always laughs histerically when his shirt gets stuck on his head. He thinks its pretty funny himself!! Or she puts his pants on his head and calls it "Manny-munch-gang"....something my brothers use to do all the time!!!


I didn't really notice that I have taken pictures of Preston with hats on a lot lately, until I looked at my pictures on the computer. The one with the white beanie is his cool skater look with Uncle Justin's beanie. The striped beanie came with one of my favorite outfits that has a matching sweater. He was just being silly in his high chair, so of course I took a ton of pictures.

The fleece hat is my favorite. Preston just had his first ear infection...and wow that is so not fun!! He woke up last Saturday at 4 in the morning and screamed til about 8 and then I took him to the doctor and found out he had a double ear infection. After he had the medicine for a day or so he was a lot happier. We used that fleece hat to cover up his ears when we went outside because it was the only one we had, but now I love it. So he gets to wear it all the time!