Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just some short video

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Merry Christmas!!

This was such a wonderful Christmas. It was my first Christmas as a mommy and I loved it. And Ryan got me an awesome gift....a new computer. It is so nice!!! He had my dad order it since Ryan knows nothing about computers, so together they did a great job, I love it. Ryan's Christmas presents weren't so exciting....he got new "nice" shoes, for those of you who know Ryan you can figure out why he probably wasnt too excited. But I did get him some good cds and movies that he liked. It was also fun to see Harlee and Gentri open their gifts. I was way excited about Harlee's because she got an American Girl Bitty Baby. She loves dolls and she takes care of them as if they are real, so I had to get it for her. Gentri got a cute comforter set that she has been wanting for quite awhile. They were both way excited!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Preston's First Christmas!!!

Christmas was so fun this year. It's so wonderful to have kids around at Christmas time, it's so much more exciting. Even though Preston is young and had no idea what was going on, and he was sick and cranky, it was still fun to see what Santa brought him and watch him and the girls open their presents. Preston got the Fisher Price Sing and Go Choo Choo with animals. He loves it, the monkey is his favorite because its small enough to put the tail in his mouth to chew on. He also got a little driving toy, it looks like a dashboard...its way cute and makes the cutest car noises. Then he got some books and some pjs. He's growing so fast and he is getting tall so he doesnt fit into 6-9 month pjs anymore, so pjs that have feet(which i love, cuz they are so snuggly) he has to wear 18mon. He's getting so BIG so FAST!!! But Preston's favorite part of course was all the paper and ribbon and bows. He loved ripping that paper to pieces and sucking on the ribbon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Halloween in December

So I just realized I never posted Preston in his Halloween costume, well actually he had two. My mom bought him the pumpkin one last year before he was even born and the lion one was borrowed from Anne Marie. We had a grandkid party on the Saturday before Halloween and thats when he wore the pumpkin costume. We found out that day that Preston likes limes. I had the camera all ready to get him making a sour face and he didnt even flinch, he loved it! On Halloween day I dressed him up in the Lion costume and took pictures. Thats about all there is to do with a little baby on Halloween and plus I had to work so I didnt even get to go to our ward party. Oh year will be more fun!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Denver Trip

Preston's First Plane Ride

For my birthday Ryan bought me a plane ticket to go see Anne Marie in Denver, CO. My mom came with us and we stayed for about a week and a half. This was Preston's first plane ride. He did pretty good on the way there, he was a bit cranky....i think it maybe hurt his ears a little bit. The way home was much better, he slept the whole time. It was fun visiting with Anne Marie, Wesley and the kids. They just loved Preston! Camden was always giving him kisses. He would put his lips on Preston's head, hand, leg....anywhere he could reach and say "MAH." It was really cute. Lynae and Reagan loved taking turns holding him and playing with him. The next blog is just some fun pictures from our trip.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby Gap Casting Call

I went to the post office one day and the lady that worked there thought Preston was so stinkin cute and told me I should enter him into a baby contest. When I came home and told Ryan that, he said that he had been thinking the same thing but didn't know if I would ever do that or not. So...... I have now entered baby boy into the GAP casting call. It was on the Rachael Ray Show, so I thought..."ah what the heck." We'll see what happens out of the millions and millions that will be entered. They pick the top 5 baby boys and then the public votes for the winner (hint hint, you should all go VOTE for PRESTON)..... and there are runners up and all this other stuff. I just thought it would be never know what can happen.

Just some pictures of my BIG BOY!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Preston's First Haircut

Well now that Anne Marie has beat me to this, I guess I better start one. Julie has been tryin to get me to start one, and actually I have just been too lazy. So, I guess instead of sitting around doing nothing, I could do this. But it will not be as cute as Julie's because I haven o idea what I'm doing, so this one will probably not be cute either, but I'll keep trying. Now everyone can see the CUTEST baby boy ever!!!
Preston is now 5 months and got his first haircut on Sept. 25th. Pretty crazy that he already needed one. I said I wouldn't let anyone cut his hair when he was a baby, but when it started to gover his eyes and his hair was hanging over his ears, I decided it was time for a little trim. Mom cut his hair, but I had to give him something to keep him busy and that ended up being my cell phone. He did a good job and it looked better and his dad said it was nice because "he didn't look like a hippie anymore."