Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby Gap Casting Call

I went to the post office one day and the lady that worked there thought Preston was so stinkin cute and told me I should enter him into a baby contest. When I came home and told Ryan that, he said that he had been thinking the same thing but didn't know if I would ever do that or not. So...... I have now entered baby boy into the GAP casting call. It was on the Rachael Ray Show, so I thought..."ah what the heck." We'll see what happens out of the millions and millions that will be entered. They pick the top 5 baby boys and then the public votes for the winner (hint hint, you should all go VOTE for PRESTON)..... and there are runners up and all this other stuff. I just thought it would be never know what can happen.

Just some pictures of my BIG BOY!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Preston's First Haircut

Well now that Anne Marie has beat me to this, I guess I better start one. Julie has been tryin to get me to start one, and actually I have just been too lazy. So, I guess instead of sitting around doing nothing, I could do this. But it will not be as cute as Julie's because I haven o idea what I'm doing, so this one will probably not be cute either, but I'll keep trying. Now everyone can see the CUTEST baby boy ever!!!
Preston is now 5 months and got his first haircut on Sept. 25th. Pretty crazy that he already needed one. I said I wouldn't let anyone cut his hair when he was a baby, but when it started to gover his eyes and his hair was hanging over his ears, I decided it was time for a little trim. Mom cut his hair, but I had to give him something to keep him busy and that ended up being my cell phone. He did a good job and it looked better and his dad said it was nice because "he didn't look like a hippie anymore."