Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Dot Com Birthday Bash

So there is a Birthday Bash with TONS of giveaways on Tip Junkie. Fun website!!

Go check it out and Win some great stuff!!! It ends on the 19th of June....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clear Creek

So this past week Harlee got to go to Clear Creek Camp. She begged us to let her go...and she is such a good helper with the boys and with everything around the house, that she really deserved to go. We couldn't tell her she had been saving and earning money towards the end of the school year to be able to pay for half of the camp. It's about a week long over-nighter with other 5th graders from the school district. The week she went was all girls, and she had a blast!! She took about 200 pictures with Gentri's camera that Gentri was so nice to let her take. (I will try to just pick a few) She told us all about what she learned and about all the history of the campsite. I personally have never been there, but Ryan went when he was younger. It looks awesome! Gentri wasn't able to go in her 5th grade class but wants to be a camp counselor next year after she turns 14. I think that would be really fun for her and I hope she is able to do it. Harlee also got a couple awards while for making her plant book right(something like that) and for catching the most PotGuts(a squirrel like animal without the bushy tail). I'm so glad Harlee got to go and have so much fun and such a good experience. I wish there was stuff like that when I was in school.

Here are a few pictures...

Hudson's Blessing

About a week ago on Sunday June 7th, Ryan blessed Hudson. We just did it at our home, which was nice and just as special. We had each of our families come over and we had a dinner afterward. Hudson wore big brother Preston's blessing outfit that Marimom made. As you will see in the pictures, it looks like shorts or capris on Hudson, but on Preston they were pants. Haha...I still thought he looked so precious and cute! It was a fun and special day and I'm glad my family was here to share it with us. We of course missed those who don't live here and couldn't make it!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have never won anything...EVER... and now I just won the exact thing I was needing... Family Pictures! by an AWESOME photographer!!! YAY!! I'm way excited!!

Her name is Heidi and she is doing a monthly giveaway and I won June' go try for next month or the month after that. Way cute pictures....Go Look....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look at that dimple...

I just had to post this cute picture that my niece was lucky enough to get on camera! His cute little smile and dimple just makes me smile!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub, 2 Cute Boys in a Tub!

And after...

Colorado Trip

I went to Colorado about a week or so ago to see my sister Anne Marie and her family. I drove out there with Heather and her daughter Taylin and then my two boys and Harlee. The boys were so good on the drive, Hudson did so wonderful and Preston was only a little cranky on the way home, but it took us 12 HOURS to get home...unexpected delays.

Anne Marie just got a Wii and that's what I was most excited to do. We played Dance Dance Revolution, which is a great workout ( i haven't sweat that much in a long time)...and then we also played Guitar Hero World Tour til 1am. It was so much fun to play with my sisters and Wesley! The pictures I have of us playing are when we all switched instruments for a couple songs, but mainly I played the drums (nobody else liked them), Anne Marie played the guitar, Wes the Bass and Heather did a wonderful job at singing. I wish they lived closer so we could play more often! I had a ton of fun and laughed a lot! And was very tired the next day...

We also had a garage sale the Saturday while we were there. I didn't have much to take, so I really didn't sell much at all, but my sisters sold some stuff and we had a fun time sittin outside and letting the kids play.

The kids pretty much played outside the ENTIRE time. Wesley had just bought a pool and was setting it up, but it was way to cold and rainy to even go swimming...maybe next time. Preston and Camden played so well together and had tons of fun running around. Harlee played with all the kids and helped out a ton! She was our babysitter when we needed one, but she got to stay up late with the adults and have yummy frozen custard and play games. She was such a big help!!! And I'm so glad she was able to go with us. We got all the girls matching Jonas Brothers(or Jo Bros)shirts. They all wore them on the same day...and they all looked so "cool" and cute!

And I just realized that most of the pictures from Colorado are on Gentri's camera that she let Harlee i'll post more later.

I hope one day Anne Marie and Wes will move out to was so much fun to be with both my sisters and our kids and wish it happened more often! I love ya guys!!