Monday, July 14, 2008

Bear Lake 2008

This last weekend we went to Bear Lake. Every year Ryan's family usually goes to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho, but this year it was all full, so we went to Bear Lake instead. I was a little nervous about taking a one year old camping, I figured we would all just be chasing Preston around all day everyday, and well we did. He was just so excited to be outside and Preston was very curious about everything. He loves tires on cars, boat trailers, the boat, camping chairs, anything he wasnt supposed to get, everyone else's treats, and most of all he loved the dirt...and that includes eating the dirt. When we were on the beach he loved playing in the sand and mud, but he always had to taste it by taking a big mouth full or licking his fingers. You can also tell that Preston is totally a boy, his knees and legs are all scraped up from falling and running, but he just gets back up and keeps on going. We only had one little accident while at Bear lake. Preston was playing by someones boat trailer and fell and hit his mouth on the metal. At first I just picked him up and was holding him and then he came off my shoulder and blood was just running out his mouth. It freaked me out so bad!! He cut his upper lip inside by his gums. It just kept bleeding and bleeding. I was so scared that he had busted his front teeth, but luckily he didnt. Preston also loved riding on the boat and so did Mommy and Daddy because Preston would fall asleep within 5 minutes of riding on the boat. When he was awake he did love to see the water and get splashed and he LOVED sitting in Daddy's lap and help drive the boat. I was also worried about Preston sleeping at night. He obviously didnt really get good naps, unless he was on the boat for about an hour. We slept in a camper and thought that a playpen would fit, but it didnt, so Preston had to sleep with Mommy and Daddy, well yeah didnt quite work out so well. The first night he was up until 4:00am and then the next 2 nights he did better, but then Mommy couldnt sleep because Preston insisted on scooting up by mom as close as he could and I was already right next to Ryan pretty much pushing him off the bed. So needless to say we were all ready for our own beds and a good nights sleep when we got home. I felt really bad because I thought I did pretty good with re-applying sunscreen on Preston but the last day we were there I guess it wasnt enough, because his lttle face was red and his eyes were so sleepy and red. Its turned into a little tan now, but I felt pretty bad. We all got sunburned somewhere, but not too bad. The worst part was being so sore from attempting to wakeboard and water ski. Ryan wakeboarded a couple times but was really sore afterwards and I gave up on trying to wakeboard so I water skied, which I'm pretty proud of myself for doing. Ryan said I did really good. It was fun!! (i'll post those pictures later) Harlee and Gentri were so busy with their cousins we hardly saw them. They love boating and hanging out on the beach building castles and burying each other. They were tons of help with Preston! We had a fun weekend and it was nice to spend some fun time with the girls, Ryan and Preston! It was also fun to see my cousins that are family friends with Ryans family. I got to see my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Duane and some of their kids. Colyn and Cassie and their kids, Krista and Steve and their kids and then Jolayne who is my age was there. It was fun to see them and all their little kids. And now its time for Mommy and Preston to get packed and ready to go to Minnesota and Nauvoo. I'll post tons of pictures when I get back from that trip!