Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Pictures

For the first time since we have been married we took some family pictures. We have taken some just out in our front yard, but nothing to great. Ryan's cousins take really awesome pictures, so we had his cousin Rachel take ours on sunday out at Ryan's parents house. I think they turned out so good. We were also planning on taking Preston's one-year pictures too, but he just wasn't very smiley that day. We still got some cute ones though, just not with his huge smile.
I am determined to get them printed, framed, and hung up in the living room. My other framed pictures of the kids are just sitting on the couch, but this time I'm gonna hang them. (If anyone has any cute ideas on how to hang 4 pictures let me know.)


Well, its finally warm enough to go outside and play. Since we don't have a backyard yet, we just play in the front yard. Hopefully soon we will have grass in the backyard, I would much rather play back there than in the front. Preston loves to play outside. He gets so excited when we walk to the front door and I unlock it. Or when I get my purse and keys, he runs to the garage door and waits for me.

When we went out the other day, he would walk to the very edge of the concrete and stop when he got to the grass. He wouldnt walk on the grass and when I would set him on the grass, he would just stand there and not move. When he would sit on the grass, Preston would lean back so that his legs weren't touching the grass. It was so funny! You can kind of tell in these pictures. After awhile he got better and just started playing and pulling at the grass. Oh and eating the grass too. He thinks its hilarious when mommy throws a ball up in the air and lets it fall. He also loves to sit and watch all the cars and big trucks drive down the street.

I'm excited its finally warm and we can get out of the house to play. I want to buy him a little inflatable pool for our deck. He loves to be in the water and I think he would love it.

"Pweston" was tagged by his cute cousin Brynlie

Preston's cousin Brynlie tagged him. So here are 5 things about baby Preston.

1. He likes to scream at mom. He swats at mom and gets very angry when he doesn't get what he wants, this includes mom's cellphone and the remote to the tv. Those are his two favorite things. We have even given him my old cell phone to play with, but its not good enough.

2. Even though he likes to scream, he is also such a funny little boy. He loves to laugh and be silly. He likes to walk around making silly noises and close his eyes while he's walking. He makes this silly smacking noise with his tounge and sometimes when he laughs, he snorts. Ha Ha!! He also loves when his big sister Gentri chases him. He could do that for hours and laugh his head off!

3. Preston's cousin Taylin recently gave him her play kitchen and play food. He LOVES it!! He plays with it ALL day, every day! (his daddy says play kitchens are for girls, but I guess he was wrong) He loves opening and closing the doors on the play kicthen. He constantly brings food to mommy and daddy.

4. Preston loves Go-gurt of any kind and milk. At first he wasn't drinking milk very well, but now he loves it! He also loves goldfish (even in the car and he doesnt throw up), cookies, ritz crackers, and he always knows when mommy and daddy have ice cream and he loves it too.

5. Little boy also loves being outside. Although at first, he was afraid to sit or walk on the grass, he is getting better. He likes going to the park and swinging and just going for walks. He also likes to swim and be in the water. Soon, mommy is going to get a little pool to put on the deck.

Preston is such a good, happy, silly, fun, loving little boy. He is a little momma's boy, but he still loves being with his daddy and hanging out with him when mommy is at work. We love him so much!!

Preston tags- Baby Kelson, Cambria, Luke, and Camden