Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I have been pretty busy lately...for those of you who don't know, I just started a new at-home business. It's called BeautiControl. I do little private spa makeovers on people and sell my product. BeautiControl focuses a lot on skin care for all ages, but they do also sell make-up. They have awesome masques, foot cremes, lotions and most of all my favorite- a Microderm Abrasion set!! I love it and hope one day that I will be able to quit Home Depot! That was one of the main reasons for starting, other than that I get to work from home. But right now working both, keeps me busy and a little stressed out. If you want to see and learn more about BeautiControl, you can go to my website at If you have any questions or want to set up an appt. for a complimentary spa makeover just let me know. Its way fun and relaxing!!

Anyways....Preston has been a little cranky lately. He had farengitis (have no idea how to spell it) and he is finally getting more teeth. AND he is also getting pretty mean... The other day he was pulling my hair and I was telling him "No" and so then he just smacked and swatted at my face. Well then his daddy looked up to see what was going on and Preston swatted me again, but this time Daddy thought it was hilarious and turned away cuz he was laughing so hard. It's so hard to discipline a little kid when at the same time both parents are laughing, cuz then Preston thought it was funny and started laughing too. He also has this really loud scream that is about to drive Mommy and Daddy crazy. He screams whenever he doesnt get what he wants or when he just wants attention. But he still is the fun, silly, funny, loving, laughing little boy as well. He still continutes to do something new everyday that makes me laugh so hard. Including his new fake laugh, if he sees someone else laughing he starts laughing too, but its sounds so fake which makes us laugh even more. He is very much a "mamma's boy", he is so precious and loving and always gives hugs. Throughtout the day he always just comes running up to me and lays his head on me and gives me a hug. I LOVE IT!! He is becoming really shy when he first sees new people, he latches on to Mommy as tight as he can and buries his head. He LOVES LOVES being outside and always walks to the front door and points....and then screams when we dont go outside. He loves to carry those two balls around with him EVERYWHERE. He thinks its so funny when Mommy throws the balls high in the air and they fall down and he can run to get them. Keeps him busy for hours! I try to take him outside as much as I can, but sometimes it gets a little too hot for Mom. I have more fun things we have done lately and will post them soon.
Oh yeah...Preston got his 6th haircut at 14 months old! Crazy hair grows super fast!!