Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Little Ones....

Little Hudson is such a good little baby. I am so lucky once again!! He doesn't quite have all the hair that big brother had, but I still think he looks a lot like Preston. He has a cute little dimple on the left side that my mom is totally in love with. He also has a little dimple in his chin just like his Daddy. He also looks a lot like his daddy as well. Ryan thought at first that Hudson looked a lot like Preston, but as he's getting bigger Ryan is not so sure. (but mommy thinks he still looks like big brother) He sleeps a TON, even while I try to feed him and he only wakes up twice in the night(usually). I can't believe it has already been about two weeks. He is already growing and changing. It goes by too fast!!! He came home from the hospital weighing 6 lb 15 oz and at his one week check up had already gained a pound and was at 7lb 13 oz. and grown half an inch. And I was worried he wasn't eating enough...haha! Mommy is doing good...still alittle tired and naps when both boys are napping. One day I'll get off the couch and actually get dressed and ready for the day...but I think I'm gonna give myself a few more weeks!!

Hudson Orlan Wendel

Here he is!! Hudson Orlan Wendel He arrived March 7th at 1:52 pm, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and was 19.5 inches long. I went into the hospital at around 9:30 am because I thought my water broke, but when I got there they said it hadnt, but that they would keep me there for an hour to see what happens. Well, about 30 mins later, they tested me again and said it had broken, so they took me up to the delivery room and gave me my epideral and got everything ready. I was only at about a 4 dialated, so I was thinkin it was gonna be a long day...But thanks to my mother, I inherited fast labors from her, it wasnt much longer at all. The doctor came into check me at about 1:00 and I was at an 8. Ten minutes later..... My mom, Ryan and I were all just talking and laughing and I happened to look at the monitor and saw that there was no heart beat for the baby. Yeah scared me to death!!! Right then the doctor came walking in wondering what was wrong. He checked me and said I was completely ready and the baby was coming! After pushing for a little bit, we found out the cord was wrapped pretty tight around the baby's neck...of course that starts to freak me out and make me scared, but he finally came and was just PERFECT! It was so wonderful to be able to hold him right away!! (I wasnt able to with Preston) We hadn't decided on a name, so he didn't have one til about 8:00 that night. Hudson was Ryan's favorite, but not mine, but I found myself talking myself into all the names I liked and Hudson just kept popping into my head. He didnt really look like the names I liked and Hudson just seemed to daddy was very happy! Orlan is after my wonderful father. My two boys now each have a Grandpa's name for their middle names.

(Not the best pictures....I didn't take hardly any pictures while at the hospital, but my mom as soon as I get those from her, I will post more. That is why there are no pictures of daddy and Hudson...they were taken on my mom's camera)

Big brother Preston was so EXCITED to see his new "didi" (baby)!! We were all worried that he would be jealous and want mommy, but oh no, he wanted his "didi". When we got home, I took Hudson out of the carseat to go sit on the couch so Preston could see him better and hold him and Preston freaked out yelling, "MINE, MINE!" He did not want anybody to hold Hudson other than himself. He is such a big helper and loves his "didi" to death! He is constantly kissing and hugging him. But I do have to say...he is totally starting into his terrible two's and is so extremely loud! My mom said I'm probably just barely noticing because of Hudson...which is probably true, but it just seems worse now. Ryan's family say that Ryan himself was a LOUD little kid, so I'm assuming thats where Preston gets it from!! BUT I do have to say...I am very lucky because Preston is still such a good little boy and continues to make me laugh all day, everyday!

Big sisters, Gentri and Harlee, are also so excited to have their new baby brother finally here! They are such good helpers and love to hold him. I think Harlee could probably sit on the couch ALL day and hold little Hudson. They are both such good help with Preston as well and keep him busy, so that mommy can rest. I'm so blessed to have these two sweet girls!