Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just some cute boys...

Finally got a smile on camera! You can see his dimple a little bit!
I wanted a Mother's Day photo with the two kiddos and this is the best I got...Preston refused! least got this cute picture on Mother's Day!!
Hudson and I just sitting outside...

My favorite outfit I had bought for Preston, so glad little chubby Hudson can still fit in it!
Doing good with a "big boy cup"...dipping frosted animal cookies in Sprite..Yumm!

Helping "My Daddy" in the cute!
So with shorts! I love it, I just wish he would wear them longer than 5 mins.
"My DiDi" chillin with "My Daddy"
Watchin his new favorite movie...Toy Story 2. He loves Robin Hood also.
So handsome! With a little scowl...hmm, looks just like Daddy!
Silly boy! not sure what he's doing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Throw up, tears, laundry, and the ER...

WOW! What a week! Preston threw up twice last Thursday and had lots of diarrhea diapers and a 99.7 temperature, so I decided to take him to the doctor Friday morning. They found that his throat and ears were red and gave him a shot in the bum (OUCH!) and an antibiotic. Needless to say, he HATES the doctors office now and is even terrified of the scale that the nurses weigh you on. That night he threw up again and his temperature got up to 104.3, which freaked Mommy out! So, I called our on-call doctor and they said just to continue giving him Tylenol and Ibuprofen and that if it didn't go down we would have to take him to the ER. Well, we checked his temp. through out the night and it was falling, so that was a relief.

While Preston was sick the first couple days, he would only take naps on the couch, so he pretty much slept there all day. Or sometimes, he ended up on the floor...

When we woke up Saturday morning, he seemed so much better and his fever had broke. Preston ran errands with Daddy and seemed fine, but when they got home he was ready for a nap. After he woke up, he was back to looking sick again. (all the while he is still having yucky diapers) He threw up again Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. We called the Dr. again Sunday night and they told us just to bring him back in first thing Monday morning and that's what I did. Our Dr. checked his ears and throat again and said they were all cleared up, but he probably had a stomach virus. They gave him MORE medicine, which smelled and probably tasted horrendous! It was supposed to help stop the diarrhea, BUT one of the side affects was VOMITING! So, Preston took it twice, and not soon after each time he threw up. The first time he at least had toast in his body, but the second time all he had was sprite and pedialyte. That worried Ryan and I, because if he couldn't keep liquids down, then he for sure was gonna get dehydrated. THEN...I noticed Preston's lips kept turning purple/blue and his face kept going pale! I had already called our doctor and was just waiting for them to call me back, so when they called back and I updated him on Preston's condition they said the best thing is probably just to take him to the ER.
And then started Mommy's bawling! Ryan had come home early that day from work because he wasn't feeling well either, so there was no way he was gonna be able to go with me and my mom was getting surgery in Logan and Heather was too far away and we needed to go right then, so I had asked Monica(Ryan's sister and our next door neighbor) if she would watch Hudson, but then she offered to go with me and her husband and girls would watch Hudson. What a lifesaver!! That helped me calm down a little...but my brother-in-law works in the ER so that was also comforting. We got right in(this is at 8:30pm) and didn't have to wait. Of course, Preston is freaking out because they are doing the same things like at a Dr.'s office.

And then the FUN part began... Preston had to get an IV. At first I said I was just gonna leave the room while they did it, but then my sweet little boy was yelling "Mommy" and there was no way I was gonna be able to leave him, so I bucked up and got strong and went and held him as tight as I could (with 3 other people) and turned my head so that I wouldn't pass out. Surprisingly, I DIDN"T cry! I was so proud of myself...and shocked. After I layed down on the bed with Preston and he got a sippy cup of water, he finally calmed down and we just watched the Disney channel. He had been wanting a drink since we had got there, and was just chugging water like crazy. They gave him lots of fluids and a anti-nausea medicine and just watched him for a couple of hours. The Dr. said he may have the RotaVirus, but to know for sure they would need a stool sample...and OF COURSE, we have yet to collect one! The diagnosis they gave us as we left(at 11:30pm) was Gastroenteritis. They left his IV in his arm, just in case he needed to come back. We are so PROUD of Preston and the big boy he was at the hospital. Even though he screamed like crazy, he was still such a good boy and they were able to do what they needed. And it sure helped!!
I was in the room when they gave him the IV, but this was after when they were trying to put a little arm board on.

Tuesday morning started out a little rough, Ryan still felt like crap and Preston decided to scream for an hour straight and didn't want anyone or anything. He finally ate some toast and had kept everything down, including all the fluids from the night before. He took a couple naps and it all started to look better! He ate dinner and we took his IV out and there was my happy little boy back!! And now its Wednesday and he is sure back to normal...getting into things, being LOUD, bugging little brother...but I'm so glad he is feeling better and has his sweet little smile back. One thing I did notice as Preston was sick, was that he still could be silly! He loved to cuddle with mommy and daddy, which I wish he would do on a normal basis, but I'd rather have him not be sick I guess :)
Big Smile...even feeling yucky!

After every nap and every time Preston threw up, we had to wash blankets, sheets, pjs, towels and sometimes ourselves. I have never given Preston so many baths in 5 days and I have never done so much laundry. I personally took 2 showers and 2 baths between Saturday afternoon and Sunday night. Ryan is now feeling better too. I made sure to Lysol the whole house so that no one else gets sick!! I really don't want to get it and I really hope Hudson doesn't get it!!

THANKS SO MUCH to our family who helped us and listened to me complain and cry on the phone! Love ya all tons! And thanks to Monica for going to the ER with me, it made it so much easier!

And now he is up to this...putting sister's hair clips in and brushing his hair..