Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catchin' Up...

Well here is a catch up of the last month or so...

I have been a total slacker and the main reason is...We got an AWESOME deal on a Wii. We bought it online from some people in Salt Lake...we got about 8 different games, which included the Guitar Hero World Tour. So after all that, it was like getting the Wii Console for free. I had been bugging Ryan for one for about a year, but he just refused. I told him that if we didn't get this awesome deal now, then I would just get one for Christmas for the he just gave in...hehe!!

While it was still a little cooler, we went to the park a couple times and played outside a lot. One time I was trying cartwheels, splits, and backbends with Gentri...yeah that was fun! Haven't done that in awhile! (my body is not quite the same as it use to be)
Then my sister-in-law Monica was cleaning out her playroom and gave us her 'Wee'(slide). Preston loves to play on 'wees'(slides) and 'weehaws'(rocking horses and swings). I'm pretty sure the 'Wee' is from saying "wee" as you go down a slide, but I have NO idea where 'weehaw' came from. Actually he may have gotten it from Toy Story when they say "yee-haw"...either way its cute and makes me laugh!

My boy just eatin' our favorite snack. Yumm!

We also went to the Zoo up in Salt Lake with our cousins. Some of the cooler animals weren't even out and one of the big gorilla's had been put to sleep, but we still had fun anyways. Preston loved seeing all the different animals, Hudson sweat like crazy, figured out that we all have long monkey arms, and the girls just helped out with the boys and enjoyed walking around too.

Our ward has a play group every Thursday, but I don't ever go...not sure why. I just always forget. But the one time I did remember it was a water party just down the street. It was really fun and refreshing. They had a little pool for the little ones and then some slip-n-slides for the bigger kids. They had this one cool slip-n-slide that you would run onto a boogie board and kinda surf down it. We all tried the board (including me) and it was kinda hard...and once you got to the end you pretty much just fell on your bum...hard! Gentri and Harlee liked that one, without the board. Last year, Preston wasn't too fond of the water, but this year he loves it! It still scares him a little if it gets in his face, but he loves splashing around!

Selling the much loved 'tracker'(tractor)...

Our Big Boy Hudson...growing way too fast!

For the 4th of July, Ryan and I went up to Logan for most of the day for the Cache Valley Car Show. We go every year, and this year we went with no kids, so it was really nice to just hang out together and look at some cool cars. Heather watched the boys and the girls hung out with hers and had a fun filled day of swimming and playing. Thanks Heather!!! And we were thinking the weather was going to be muy caliente, but it was very, very nice! I actually do like going to car shows and I love listening to Mr. Picky Ryan point out all the different flaws on some of the cars...but even I'm getting good and noticing stuff that is wrong. Haha! That's what I get for having a husband who talks cars all day, everyday. And any chance to hang out with Ryan, I'll take it. Then at about 5:00 we went to my mom's for a BBQ (which I have pictures on Gentri's camera) with my mom's sister's and their families. Then...we went to our ward firework/watermelon party. Families just get together in the parking lot at the church and light off fireworks and eat watermelon. We didn't stay had been a long day. Thanksgiving Point-right across the street has a big firework show every year that we can see from our back patio, so the girl's watched that, but Ryan and I went to bed, we were pooped. It was a fun, but long day!

My Mommy's 60th, I mean 29th, Birthday was on July 12th. I had been wanting to throw her a party of some sort but the procrastinator in me waited til about 3 days before to plan it. I called Heather and my Dad and we called all her friends and family and got it situated. It actually turned out Perfect! It was a surprise party and yup, she was surprised!! We had about 30 people (including kids) and lots of food and fun. When my dad turned 60, we had a party where people brought 60 of something for my dad. So we did the same thing for my mom. I made her a frame that had over 100 things that me and my siblings loved about her in it and then there is space to put a couple family pictures. It turned out pretty cute! But note to self...don't wait til the last minute to put one of those together.

I'm gald her friends were able to make it and make it that much more special. Thanks to all those who helped and thanks for the cute cake Heather!!

I hope my mommy had a wonderful day, she deserved it and I love her so much!

BEE BEE! Preston's new thing is pointing out all the "bees" (that includes flies, crickets, grasshoppers, actual bees, spiders, rolly-pollies...anything creepy crawly, that I HATE). His cousin Zack likes to catch bugs outside in a little bug catcher and Preston loves to help him...and then they like to bring them in my HOUSE and show mommy. EWW!!

Well one day, Preston got in my utensil drawer while I was cooking dinner and got out the strainer. And now......its the official 'bee' catcher! I found him in the living room by the window trying to catch a fly that was inside. He likes to try and catch them with his fingers (eww again!) and then place it in the strainer. He's been pretty successful. And my strainer is no longer round...

WOW! that was a long post...sorry.