Friday, September 5, 2008

and Mommy cried....

(New big boy haircut)

(long time needing a haircut- and some chocolate all over the face)

Well, Preston got a big boy haircut!! I was at work so I didnt know it was gonna be cut this short. When I got home from work I went to his room to see him in bed and...yup....I cried!!! It's alot shorter than I want it, but he still looks cute as ever, but now he just looks so much older. Daddy loves it!! He thinks its so cute! I like it the more I see him, but then when I see pictures with his shaggy hair I get sad. Preston's hair grows so fast that it will probably be pretty long in less than a month. But now we actually have to do it when we go places. Gotta go buy some gel! I have wondered what his hair would look like spiked but I never wanted to cut it that short, well now I guess I get the chance to see.

Another pic of his cute haircut. Its longer on top, but it loks shorter cuz it lays down.

Preston's new favorite toy...a box!