Friday, December 19, 2008

Just some silly pictures...of a silly boy!

Santa Claus...or maybe not!

We went to a friends Christmas party a couple weeks ago and Santa was gonna be there. I was so excited to get a picture with Preston on his lap because I really didn't want to go to the mall. The Santa's at our malls arent my favorite. He doesnt wear his traditional suit, he wears pjs and has no hat or anything. But i guess it didn't matter anyways...Preston DID NOT like Santa at all!! When Santa walked in Preston just stared at him and followed him across the room, but when it was time to sit on his lap, Preston held on to his cookie for dear life and screamed. I guess everyone has to have one picture like this. Maybe next year he'll be a little bit more excited.

Let's try again....

We then went to my Mom's ward's Christmas party and mommy wanted to give Santa one more try. Well, this time when Preston saw Santa, he held on to me as tight as he could! This time I had Gentri and Harlee in the picture too, so I think that calmed him down a little, but notice Preston isnt sitting on Santa's lap, he's holding tight to Gentri. The Grinch was also there and that didn't make it any better because he was even more terrified of him. So we just took pictures of sisters and cousin Taylin with the Grinch.

O Christmas Tree!

I actually meant to post these pictures last time, but I forgot and am barely getting around to doing it. Gentri, Harlee, Preston and I put up our tree the saturday after Thanksgiving. It's nothing fancy, but thats me. When it comes to Christmas trees I like to just stay traditional. I love colored lights, homemade ornaments (hopefully more to come), and glass balls. Oh, well I guess its not all traditional becuase we do have a couple Coca Cola cans on it too. When I met Ryan thats all his tree was decorated with, so I told him when we got married we werent doing that every year but that I would still keep a couple of them. I think its fun! (He used to have a 2 liter bottle on top, but that was replaced as well with a star) One day I would like to have another tree and kind of make it a theme (not sure what) i'll have to start collecting for that.

Preston LOVES to just come in and sit by the tree and look at it, especially at night when the lights are on. That was always my favorite thing to do when I was little too. I liked to go color or read by the tree and now Preston loves it too. He will bring a book and we'll sit by the tree and read it...and then he'll get distracted by the "babas" (ornaments).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Been Awhile....

Here are some random pictures from the last little while....

So to be honest, I have just been way too lazy to update my blog. Now that I dont work I feel like I am so incredibly lazy!! Well and after my little trip to Colorado for my birthday, we came home sick. My nieces were sick with what we thought was pink eye, but then found out it was just some cold virus. When we got home Preston got it in one eye for about 24hrs but then I had it for 2-3 days in both eyes. Then my mom got it, then Ryan and then my dad. So thank you to my sister Anne Marie....ha ha j/k, I had tons of fun visiting and wish they would just move here!!!

I am way excited for the Holidays! I love Christmas time! I usually procrastinate with putting my Christmas decor up so then it makes me sad when I have to take it down, this year I told myself I was gonna do it right after Thanksgiving. So, on Saturday the girls and I got it all out and put up, even the tree. Preston was "helping" too. He loves the "ballballs" and the lights on the tree. He has actually been very good with the tree and hasnt ripped anything off yet. Now that Preston is getting older its so much fun and I cant wait til Christmas morning. Hopefully we will have Harlee and Gentri that morning too (we usually dont) but now that we have kids of our own, Ryan wants to work something out with their mom so that we can start switching off years. I'm pretty much done with shopping for everyone, just a couple little last minute things. So now I get to do my favorite part, which is wrap everything! (seriuosly, it is my favorite part...I use to wrap all my mom's presents for everyone too)

Here is a little update of little silly boy Preston. He is obsessed with Tractors, but he is pretty picky about them aswell. He likes green ones, or John Deere ones the best. We have one, but its orange and he still loves to go on rides with Daddy on that one too, but when we are at the stores, if he sees toy tractors he would much rather have John Deere instead. His Grandpa Wendel has a huge John Deere tractor and he got to ride on it with Daddy on Thanksgiving. He was so happy and Ryan said he had a big grin the entire ride up the canyon. He also loves big trucks, cranes, cement trucks, dump trucks, diggers, anything that is a truck he loves and gets so excited about. Whenever he sees them his eyes get real big and he just says "OOOHH". Other than that, Preston just isnt talking much. I try to teach him new things everyday, but he just doesnt act very interested. He can say Momma, Dad, Owww (for meow for a cat), fooball (which he watches with daddy every Sunday and Monday, he gets very excited and claps and yells while watching), ball and he also signs please, thank you and more. He loves looking at books, especially ones with animals, but he just wont say the sounds yet. His new thing is Santa Clause, he likes him too. I try to tell him to say HO HO HO, and he tries and says something but its not exactly Ho Ho Ho, so I'm not even sure how to spell it. And like I always say, Preston continues to make me laugh everyday. He still is licking anything and everything. He licks mom and dads pants, shirt, the couch, toys, the wall, his food before he eats it, and then he also gives kisses, but he now tricks you and when he leans in to give you a kiss he licks your face. He thinks its the funniest thing ever!! Oh and Preston's hair is already back and needs to be cut again. I cant believe how fast it grows!

As for me and the baby...he is moving a ton! Sometimes it makes me feel sick to my stomach...I have no idea what he's doing in there. Of course everyone says I dont even look pregnant, but I am getting a belly and I feel like its bigger than when I was pregnant with Preston. With Preston I only bought one pair of maternity jeans but they were still too big so I never wore them, well now those are about the only pants that fit other than sweats (which I'm always in anyways). So, I think I'm gonna be bigger with this one. We are both doing fine and my due date has been changed but only by three days, it is now March 20th. I cant wait!!

Oh one more thing....I cant believe it hasnt snowed yet, but I'm not complaining.