Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Halloween in December

So I just realized I never posted Preston in his Halloween costume, well actually he had two. My mom bought him the pumpkin one last year before he was even born and the lion one was borrowed from Anne Marie. We had a grandkid party on the Saturday before Halloween and thats when he wore the pumpkin costume. We found out that day that Preston likes limes. I had the camera all ready to get him making a sour face and he didnt even flinch, he loved it! On Halloween day I dressed him up in the Lion costume and took pictures. Thats about all there is to do with a little baby on Halloween and plus I had to work so I didnt even get to go to our ward party. Oh well....next year will be more fun!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Denver Trip

Preston's First Plane Ride

For my birthday Ryan bought me a plane ticket to go see Anne Marie in Denver, CO. My mom came with us and we stayed for about a week and a half. This was Preston's first plane ride. He did pretty good on the way there, he was a bit cranky....i think it maybe hurt his ears a little bit. The way home was much better, he slept the whole time. It was fun visiting with Anne Marie, Wesley and the kids. They just loved Preston! Camden was always giving him kisses. He would put his lips on Preston's head, hand, leg....anywhere he could reach and say "MAH." It was really cute. Lynae and Reagan loved taking turns holding him and playing with him. The next blog is just some fun pictures from our trip.