Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Noddin my head like YEAH, movin my hips like YEAH!!

Last night I went to the Miley Cyrus concert!! IT WAS AWESOME!! Heather surprised her girls and let me tag along. Cheyenne and Taylin thought we were going to the Circus. Cheyenne caught on and figured it out on the trax, when people asked if we were going to Miley. Wish I had the camera out...when Cheyenne figured it out, she just looked at me and said "OH...MY...GOSH!", it was cute. Taylin on the other hand, never figured it out, even after we got there...silly girl. Heather had to tell her, but boy was she excited!
After the first line of the third song which was "7 Things", Miley ran off stage. At first Heather thought for a costume change, but it was kind of a weird timing to have a dress change. So I was looking at the people backstage, and everyone was running around and then I saw some guy grab a bucket and a water bottle and take it to where Miley was....umm yeah, she had the Flu. Poor Girl!! So her back up singers finished the song and a stage crew member came up and apologized and said that Miley has been fighting the flu for the past couple days, but that she just needed a little break and would be back out soon. Throughout the rest of the concert, she just had to take little breaks every now and then and kept apologizing, but she still was AWESOME and I'm glad she was willing to continue the show. You could tell by her voice a little that she was sick, but she still sounded great and performed great! She had lots of amazing dancers and the show was fun to watch! I wish I was as cool as her....haha. She is such a cute girl, I hope she doesn't turn out to be like some of the other celebrity girls out there....
Oh and Metro Station opened up for them...which they were actually really good too. I didn't even know that the lead singer is Miley's older brother Trey, and then the other singer is Mitchell Musso's older brother...hmm.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Handsome Hudson

Well, I'm so far behind...I don't even know where to start. So, I'll just post Hudson's CUTE pictures we just had taken at JCPenny's. He had been woken up twice that day from naps before pictures, I thought for sure he wasn't gonna be too happy. Oh, I was wrong! He did SO GOOD and just smiled and smiled. His little smile just makes me melt...I love his cute little dimple!!