Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

(sorry, you will have to click on the picture to read the words)
So, we actually decorated the house for Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but yes...I am barely posting now. I LOVE LOVE Christmas time and decorating my house. My most favorite thing is the Christmas tree...I love to just sit and look at it at night when the lights are on! Harlee helped decorate the house and then Gentri and Preston joined in to help decorate the tree. Gentri wasn't really in the mood to decorate, so she said she would just be the "hooker"...then a minute or so later she said, "I mean the person who will put the hooks on the ornaments." Haha...silly girl.
Oh yeah, my other favorite thing is wrapping presents! I would seriously start a gift wrapping business. Last year I told Ryan I wanted to go get a job at the mall at the little gift wrapping booth during the Holidays, and I still want to. If anyone doesn't want to wrap their gifts, bring them my way! So...yes my tree already has wrapped gifts under it, I love the way it looks! And I feel that if I wait 'til the last minute to wrap them, then it's a waste of wrapping paper. Now lets just see how it goes with having 2 little boys far so good, no unwrapped gifts yet.

Some big news....Preston is in a "big boy" bed. It's still just a toddler bed, but he loves it! He doesn't like going to bed at night, but he does like his bed. He was so excited when Daddy was putting it together. He ran downstairs to get his blanket and came back up to his bed and just sat there...laid down...sat up again...stood up...laid back down, just checkin' it out I guess. Every now and then he will disappear and I will come up to his room and he is just sitting there with his feet dangling off the edge, just lookin' around or looking at a book. It's so cute! He is really good about staying in his bed and not getting out, he actually hasn't tried. Even when he wakes up he calls for me. Now if we could just get him to want to go to bed at night...

And now just some cute pictures of the boys in their matching cute and cuddly!

And another random collage of my kiddos...

Finally...The End

Friday, November 20, 2009


I just LOVE these boys!

Harlee's Birthday Party

(forgot to mention....the railroad track that they are standing on is NO longer in use, it hasn't been used for like 10 don't worry. I do NOT let my children and others play on railroad tracks.)

Harlee turned 12 this year and she has never had a birthday party before, so I thought it was time. She invited about 5 friends and they had a scrapbook party. We took pictures at the very beginning and then I sent them to the 1 hr. developing so they could actually scrapbook pictures of the party. While we were waiting for pictures they played a few games and ate cup cakes(made very nicely by Gentri) and ice cream. Then Harlee opened her fun presents (she got Bop-It, I love that game! and I already beat it!) She also got some make-up(which she can't wear yet), good smelling lotion and body stuff, The Proposal Movie (love that too!) and a gift card to her fav store Rue 21. Then they started on their scrapbooks and had a fun time talking and giggling! Her friends crack me up, it was fun to just sit and listen to their silly conversations! I was laughing the whole time! I'm so thankful for sweet Harlee and ALL that she helps me with. She is an AWESOME big sister and loves to help with the boys (sometimes). Love ya Harlee!

And stupid me, I forgot to take pictures of them making their scrapbooks...duh...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Free Stuff!

So my sister-in-law has a new LeeLou Swag Blog. Right now she is giving away her favorite things. One each day.... Go check it out!

Leelou Swag

Thursday, November 5, 2009

For those of you who know me, you already know that I LOVE the YANKEES! So I have to say CONGRATS on winning their 27th World Series!! Awesome season boys!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

His 'Cheese' Smile has become quite the "Cheesey" Smile.... he actually looks like he is in pain...but he's not...he's just showin' off his cool pumpkin that he painted ALL by himself!

This is Halloween...

The Holidays are getting more fun each year as Preston gets older and can participate more. At first he FREAKED OUT to have to wear this costume, but I think after seeing little brother and big sisters dressed up, he changed his mind. We had about 3 different Halloween Parties and at the last 2, he decided to wear his "hat" so that he could get some "nummies". (Mommy told him that in order to get nummies he had to wear his hat, so that he could be a Tiger) He also wore it the whole time Trick-or-Treating, which he LOVED. He got so much candy, by the end he couldn't even carry his pumpkin bucket. He went with some cousins and with Harlee. Gentri went to a little party with her friends, instead of trick-or-treating. It was so fun to watch him trick-or-treat and say "taint too" (thank you) at EVERY house. Hmmm...what can he be next year...I can't wait!

Cute little Hudson on Halloween...He stayed home with Daddy to pass out candy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary to Us!!

This is the most recent picture of us two together. Doesn't Ryan look lovely??'s been 4 wonderful years today, since we were married! It seems like a lot longer, but in a good way. I'm so thankful for him and all that he does for me and the kids! He is such a good Husband and an awesome Daddy!! I'm looking forward to the many more years to come. Love ya Babe!

This is what our pictures usually look like...

And here are some much better ones...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Noddin my head like YEAH, movin my hips like YEAH!!

Last night I went to the Miley Cyrus concert!! IT WAS AWESOME!! Heather surprised her girls and let me tag along. Cheyenne and Taylin thought we were going to the Circus. Cheyenne caught on and figured it out on the trax, when people asked if we were going to Miley. Wish I had the camera out...when Cheyenne figured it out, she just looked at me and said "OH...MY...GOSH!", it was cute. Taylin on the other hand, never figured it out, even after we got there...silly girl. Heather had to tell her, but boy was she excited!
After the first line of the third song which was "7 Things", Miley ran off stage. At first Heather thought for a costume change, but it was kind of a weird timing to have a dress change. So I was looking at the people backstage, and everyone was running around and then I saw some guy grab a bucket and a water bottle and take it to where Miley was....umm yeah, she had the Flu. Poor Girl!! So her back up singers finished the song and a stage crew member came up and apologized and said that Miley has been fighting the flu for the past couple days, but that she just needed a little break and would be back out soon. Throughout the rest of the concert, she just had to take little breaks every now and then and kept apologizing, but she still was AWESOME and I'm glad she was willing to continue the show. You could tell by her voice a little that she was sick, but she still sounded great and performed great! She had lots of amazing dancers and the show was fun to watch! I wish I was as cool as her....haha. She is such a cute girl, I hope she doesn't turn out to be like some of the other celebrity girls out there....
Oh and Metro Station opened up for them...which they were actually really good too. I didn't even know that the lead singer is Miley's older brother Trey, and then the other singer is Mitchell Musso's older brother...hmm.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Handsome Hudson

Well, I'm so far behind...I don't even know where to start. So, I'll just post Hudson's CUTE pictures we just had taken at JCPenny's. He had been woken up twice that day from naps before pictures, I thought for sure he wasn't gonna be too happy. Oh, I was wrong! He did SO GOOD and just smiled and smiled. His little smile just makes me melt...I love his cute little dimple!!