Tuesday, August 26, 2008


**I wish that's how it worked**

I guess I should tell ya the real reason I have been so lazy....I'm pregnant!! I'm probably due around March or April. Im not quite sure and my doctor has been out of town, so I dont go into see him til Sept. 2nd. (that test better be right or else there is something else seriously wrong with me) So Julie and I are once again gonna have another baby close by, but this time its really close. Now they just need to move out here!!! I can't complain too much because I'm not as sick as other people I know, but I still am so so tired and just nausea all day, sometimes I wish I would just throw up! I want to actually eat a meal and enjoy it, but nothing sounds good and nothing really tastes good. (except chocolate) Hopefully it doesnt last too much longer because I feel so dang lazy. When I was pregnant with Preston I could sleep all day every day, but now I can't, so instead I just lay on the couch all day everyday. Hopefully Preston will have a sister! (but I have a feeling its another boy) but just maybe it will be a girl!!

it's been awhile.....

So it has been awhile since I last updated my blog. Preston and I went to Minnesota and Nauvoo last month for about 2 weeks and since then I guess you could say I have just been pretty lazy. We had tons of fun on our trip, but it was kinda long without Daddy. My whole side of the family was there. It was fun to see all the kids and spend so much time together. All of Preston's cousins loved seeing him and playing with him. He was never left alone without someone "taking care" of him. Everyone helped me with Preston alot while I was there, his cousin Cheyenne was always willing to help me and let me rest. We were in Minnesota a couple days before we actually went to Nauvoo and of course when we got to Nauvoo, Preston had a fever for a few days and was just not a very happy boy. I thought he was just teething, but then some of my nieces started to get a fever as well, so then I felt bad. We still all had a wonderful time. It was fun to see how they lived in Nauvoo back then and to see all the buildings. The pageant was Awesome! We also got to go to Carthage Jail, I think that was my favorite place. And yes I cried....it was pretty crazy to be standing in the same house that Joseph Smith died in. You could feel the spirit and it really made my testimony of our Prophet Joseph Smith grow so much. I'm thankful for all that he did and for all the people who helped them.

Here are some pictures from our trip. (now that its been a month)