Monday, March 31, 2008

Silly Face....

This is Preston's newest funny face. He does this ALL the time, when he eats or when I am at least trying to feed him, when he's laughing, when he knows he's being silly and just cause. It's hilarious, it makes me laugh everytime......

Just some CUTE random pictures...

this is his new favorite sleeping position.....he is ALWAYS like this.

Cousin Cheyenne's sparing gear for her karate...

He does this when you say "Sooo Big!!"

And if you notice in a couple of the pictures he has a little blue toy in his's Pablo from the Backyardagains. Marimom bought him a little set that had 3 of the characters from that show and he LOVES the Pablo one. He carries it with him at all times, even to bed and when he wakes up it's still in his hand.

No No

When we tell Preston "No" when he is getting into something, usually its the movies or trees by the fireplace, he squints his eyes and makes a silly face...its the funniest thing. Well actually when I tell him "No", he does that....when Ryan tells him "no" he screams and crys and comes to mommy. Its hard to let him know that we are serious when we tell him no, cuz he is just so funny and we start laughing. Now that he is getting so much bigger and likes to get into everything...he keeps me pretty busy. He is still such a good little boy though. He is my best little buddy!!

Hoppy Easter!!

Well, this is kinda late, but better late than never, right? Preston's first Easter was pretty fun. He had no idea what was going on, but he LOVED the plastic eggs. He had two eggs in his hand all day Saturday and Sunday. He loves marshmallows, so he got some peeps in his basket and he loves those....then he got a little bunny, baseball, and a football. Oh and he loves jellybeans, even though he still has no teeth, he just eats them little bits at a time. At Ryan's parents house we had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and Preston found one egg and was done. Then on Sunday we went to my parents for dinner. Gentri and Harlee were pretty much only here for Sunday, so they dyed easter eggs on Sunday morning (our family won't eat them, so we took them to Marimom, which by the way she said were Perfect!.) Gentri is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers (hmm, sort of like I was with NSYNC) so she got magazines full of posters and some earrings and Harlee got a Fairy book and a tinkerbell braclet and they both got tons of candy. All in all it was a fun day for everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whoa now that was crazy!!

On Sunday night Ryan and I went to the David Copperfield show at the MGM. It was so cool!!! It was kind of a short show, but it was still really amazing! So many crazy tricks!! We had wanted to go to a Cirque du Soleil show but the prices were outrageous. We have both always wanted to see Copperfield, so that was good enough for us. He appeared on a motorcycle in a box at the beginning. Then he made a 1949 Lincoln Convertible was so crazy, it was a nice car too!! He made about 13 people from the audience disappear. Which at first we thought- oh they were pre-chosen, but the way they were chosen was by him throwing out beach balls to the audience and whoever got one, got to go up on yeah, don't know how he did that one. Actually I have no idea how he did anything!!! Ryan liked it, but he just gets so frustrated because he tries to figure out how it all happened. Well, neither of us can figure out anything!! It was so cool and David Copperfield was really funny, included the audience a ton, and it was just a really entertaining show. Highly reccommend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

The first night we were in Vegas we went to downtown-Freemont Street. It was so much fun! We had never gone before because we just always forgot, but it was really cool. We stood for about an hour and half and watched this guy paint pictures with spray paint cans and then he used poster board, paper towels, phone book pages and just different types of things, he never used a paintbrush. It was amazing! Then they had this Russian group that did tricks. (thats what the video is of) They were way cool....I can't imagine trying those flips like that girl for the first time...I wonder how many times she's hurt herself. Freemont street also has this huge movie screen that acts as a roof all the way down the street and they have cool 3-D type shows with music throughout the night.

Other nights we were there we just walked up and down the strip and went to all the different little shops. We also went to an Outlet mall, not too many acutal "outlet" prices, but it was fun (of course for me it, I love to shop!)

Sorry you will have to watch the video side-ways. I thought I fixed it, but I guess not...and it took too long to load, so I'm not trying again.

The last night we were there, I finally got up enough courage to go on the BigShot ride at the very top of the Stratosphere. When the ride shoots you off, you end up being about 1,100 feet in the air.....Ok, actually....I was kinda mad at Ryan, I really didn't want to go but he said "oh you'll be fine". My stomach hurt and I was just scared. Ryan is terrified of heights, well at least he says he is, but he loves amusment park rides. He had already been on the BigShot 2 times before on other trips to Vegas, but I always wimp out and say no, so finally this time I said I would do it, but only at night. I figured if Ryan has done it, I can do it...I'm usually not too scared of heights or rides, I love them. And....I LOVED this one too. It was so funny because before the ride Ryan was the one who was like "oh its fine, its not that bad" and right after the ride took off Ryan was saying "ok, ok, i'm done, this is enough!!!". And I was the one saying "Again, again". Both of our legs were shakin so bad afterward we could barely walk. The view over the strip was so pretty with all the lights....we sat in the viewing area just to enjoy the view for a little bit. (its about 800 feet up where they have the leaning windows so when you look out, its pretty scary.)

And then of course I got a purse.....I had to do some begging to Ryan, so I got an early Mother's Day present. I have always wanted the big name designer purses, but I just can't see spending that much on a purse. I keep saying I would save up for one, but everytime I try I just realize I could buy so much more. So I go for the fake ones that look like the real ones....when Heather and I were in New York a couple years ago we bought a couple different "designer" purses for cheap. They are just the knock-offs, but they still look real because they still have the right spelling and everything. But New York is the only place I knew of that you can usually get those purses, but I found a place in the Stratosphere where this girl sells them. So, I got me a Coach bag! It looks completely real, I can't tell the difference, because we even went into a real Coach store and it looks the same to me, just the price tags are way way different. It looks more real than some of the ones I got in New York. I love it!!! It was WAY cheaper than the real ones, but Ryan still couldn't believe how much he spent on it. Thanks Ryan...I love you!!

Our Las Vegas Temple Trip.....

Ryan and I went to Las Vegas this last weekend just to get away and be together. It was so much fun!!! Preston stayed at Marimom and Poppy's (my parents). They loved having him there...but Ryan and I missed him so much!! But it was nice to just do things just us two and be able to sleep in...haha, sorry mom.
Well, I guess there was one part that wasnt so much fun, it was really scary for me and Ryan...we went to the temple on Saturday morning. We wanted to do a sealing session, I felt fine all morning but as we got through a little bit of our session, I started feeling really dizzy, I was really uncomfortable and getting really hot and the next thing I know I am being woken up by one of the temple workers and told that I just fainted and hit my head really hard. (I have fainted a few times before, but usually I wake right up and I feel fine) This time it really scared me. First, I felt bad for ruining the temple experience for us and the others, but I also was just really scared, I started crying. I had barely missed hitting the corner of the chair leg and smacked my head pretty hard on the floor. When I woke up Ryan was right there holding my hand. He told me that all the sudden while we were doing the sealings I looked up with an awnry look on my face and then all of the sudden my eyes rolled back and I passed out. It scared Ryan to death, but he never left my side the whole time. He held my hand the entire time, I loved it and it made me feel better. One of the temple workers in our session was/is a doctor. So am thankful that he knew everything to do and what to look for. They made me lay there for a while and then had me get up, but I still was really pale (Ryan said I looked more green than pale) and my pulse was really irregular so they made me lay back down. After a little bit they got a wheelchair and took me down to the little first-aid room where there was a bed and made me lay there for about an hour. The doctor wanted to check on me before we went home. Then they had us go down and eat some lunch and I was feeling much better. They even made me sit in a wheelchair the whole time, Ryan drove around to the back and picked me up. I felt so silly, but they were just taking care of me so well. I felt fine the next couple days, other than my head being sore and I kept getting little headaches throughtout our whole trip, but thats nothing new. So needless to say, I'm gonna be going to the doctor soon to get my blood checked. It was kinda funny though, the first thing they asked was if I was pregnant...and NO i'm not. They think I'm just anemic, which I probably am- so I need to go get something to help with that. Other than that we did have fun, I'll post some other things from our trip too.

A gone!!

Just a quick post....I'm really sad about the news. In El Paso there was a restaurant called Chico's Tacos...oh it was so amazing!! It was the nastiest, stinkiest place ever, but the food was muy delicioso!! They had the best tacos, fries and rootbeer. Yum Yum Yum....but it is now closed down. Well, there are still other ones open, but the main one that we always went to and waited in line forever on McRae is now closed down. (the other locations just arent the same) It's a sad sad day for me and my fellow El Pasoans. My family had this thing that when one of the kids were getting married, their fiance had to try Chicos and if they liked it they could become part of the family....good thing Ryan never had to try it, cuz he probably would have hated it...haha.