Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Time

We made our first Gingerbread House with an awesome kit from Costco! I'm glad it came with LOTS of candy, because Preston pretty much just sat there and ate candy the whole time...oh and the green frosting (thanks to his cousin Jennifer who sat there and squirt it in his mouth and on his finger for about 20 mins until it was gone).

Our Christmas was a fun one this year! As the boys get older, it gets more fun! Gentri and Harlee were at their Mom's Christmas morning, so Santa just came for the boys this year. Preston got lots of tools and a tool bench and Hudson got a little bath boat with cute little water animals. Although, Preston thought Poppy brought him all his cool toys, because Poppy got here before Preston even woke up. Mommy got a gorgeous pearl necklace and Daddy got a new quilt (and he also bought himself lots of tractor parts). Harlee and Gentri got a fun "day after Christmas" shopping spree (that's what they wanted). So, the day after we had an all day shopping event at the mall and the girls got lots of cute things for good deals! Thanks to Aunt Heather who watched the boys all day!! I love Christmas time and get SO excited for it, and then I'm so sad at about noon when it's all over....already looking forward to this year!

Oh, and don't worry if my blog layout stays like this for awhile...I'm kinda too lazy to make a new one.