Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Better late than never...
I can't believe Christmas is already over and its a New Year! It's going by way to fast. In just about 2 months I will have a another little boy and its starting to scare me!

Our Christmas was wonderful!! Well, except for Ryan on Chrsitmas Eve, he was sick with the flu. He came home way early from work that day and never got out of bed, so Preston and I went to my parents by ourselves. It was sad not to have Daddy with us, but we still had tons of fun. We ate lots of food, played with cousins, and had our annual Macdonald Family Christmas Eve Program where we act out the Nativity and read stories, and open one gift. Preston was supposed to be Joseph, but you will see in the pictures that we wasn't there. He wanted nothing to do with it, until of course we were all done, he wanted Baby Jesus. It was only Heather's family and my little one, and my cousin Dee this year. So there werent many kids to fill parts, but we still did it anyways. Then we opened one gift and the gift I brought for Preston, he loved, but not for what they are supposed to be. He got Lightning McQueen slippers but freaked out when I tried to put them on his feet. So he just uses them as little cars. Harlee and Gentri were at their mom's until about 9:00 that night and then they came to our house.
Christmas morning was better for Ryan. He was just really tired but we all got up at about 7:15. (well i was up a lot, just like a kid full of excitement) Preston woke up on his own, so that was nice not to have to wake him up. Harlee had been up since about 5:00 and had woken Gentri up. But just like when I was growing up no one is able to go see what Santa brought until Mom and Dad are up, so they patiently waited in their room. Santa did good this year and brought what the kids wanted and they loved it. Preston got the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and oh my gosh, he LOVED IT! He was so excited and went right to it and wouldnt get out of it to do anything. Whatever he wanted he just sat in and put his hands out to reach for it. It was really fun to see him so excited!! (He can't quite make it go forward yet, only backwards, but boy is he fast.) Gentri got a straightner and Harlee got a comforter set (not too exciting, but what they wanted.) Then Santa gave us some FUN family games too. Then at around 8:00, my parents and Grandma came over to open presents. I didn't want my parents to sit at home by themselves on Christmas and open presents, so I thought it would be fun for them to come out and have breakfast too. And luckily the snow wasnt bad!! In my family we have always opened presents taking turns one at a time, so that is what we did, but it took a little while and I think it was killing Harlee and Gentri, so towards the end I just let them open the rest of theirs. Preston was actually excited about presents too. I think he was noticing that he kept getting some pretty cool stuff so he just wanted to keep opening those boxes.
After presents my mom made some eggs and sausage and she had also brought the best cinnamon rolls ever. Ryan hates eggs and so he made crapes. We had tons of food. My dad had to get to work by 2:00 so they left at about noon, right when the snow started again.
Right after they left we got ready to go up to Ryan's parents house for presents and dinner. We had a fun time up there as well with lots more cousins and lots more food.
Then....a couple days later, my brother Jeremy and his family surprised everyone and came to visit. It was so fun to have Jeremy, Julie, Brynlie, and Kelson with us! The girls, Preston and I were pretty much with them the whole time they were here. We got to play their Wii and other games. It was fun to spend time with them, we wish they lived HERE!! (and I just realized I didnt take any pictures)