Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where to Begin....

  I know, I know... I keep doing this. Once again this will be a long post.  LOTS of pictures, short captions. It will probably bore most of you, but that's okay cause my mom will love it!

Hudson is walking around everything lately but isn't quite brave enough to let go...I give it a few more days.
Preston has been helping Daddy a lot lately downstairs in the basement, but he MUST have his own tools and's been so fun to watch him copy Daddy's every moves! 
 Valentine's Day Cookies 

Our first time at Jump-On-It. A place full of trampolines and a couple inflatable slides. Preston and his buddies had lots of fun! Thanks Jana for going with us!

Just some pictures of my Handsome Peanut!

YAY! No more diapers...well for one of my kiddos! Preston has done so good with Potty Training. I kinda had given up, but one night Daddy decided to put Preston in underwear for a couple hours and from then on that's all he wears! I'm so proud of Preston, he has done so good and rarely has an accident. He loves choosing his underwear everyday and now recently loves to pick out his own clothes too. His most favorite 'unders' are 'wooey and buzz'. My sister sent him the cutest pirate potty book that came with a pirate hat. Thanks Aunt Wee Wee!

Preston really isn't the best at letting me take pictures of him, but he sure LOVES to take pictures by himself. These are just a few...

Preston has been dying to play outside, but the dang sun just isn't ever out long enough. The other day he was able to play on the deck for about an hour with just a bucket of dirt and a shovel. And he wore his Awesome new boots, which he LOVES! 

Brotherly Love....sometimes....

I bought some water colors to give Preston and I an activity to do during the day. He had so much fun and loved to 'baint'. Except he just wanted mommy to paint a picture of daddy about 10 times. 

One morning I told Preston to go get some clothes and he came back with a Cars shirt and some jeans. I was in the process of getting dressed when he came back and he saw that I was putting on my Nauvoo sweatshirt and said, "oh, mommy back" and ran out of the room. He came back with his Nauvoo shirt and said  "Mommy, me, same".  I thought it was so cute that remembered about his shirt and wanted to match Mommy!

Can you find Preston? This is how he was when I came to check on him before I went to bed. Poor guy, he falls off his bed all the time and then just stays there, no matter how uncomfortable it looks.

More playing outside...

Playing in the snow in March. It had been so nice for a few days and then all the sudden we woke up to this.



Dan and LaVon said...

LOVED all the pics.. awesome such a cute family Love you guys

Marimom said...

Cute pictures! Loved the Potty Pirate and showing off his unders. Loved the ones of Hudson too! He'll smile even with tears in his eyes! Glad you finally got a minute to post them and you're right....I loved them!!!!